Welcome to Skills Builder Launchpad

Build your own essential skills through interactive, online modules. Start learning today, for free.

What Launchpad does

Supports you to independently build your own essential skills

Interactive modules to build every step of the Universal Framework

A place to reflect and record how you've applied essential skills in work and wider life

Who is it for?

Launchpad helps anyone who is seeking to independently build their own essential skills.

Education: at secondary school, college or university

Employment: as part of your wider professional development

Seeking employment or training: to boost work readiness

How Launchpad works

Search for a topic or browse the modules. Every module has a common structure to guide you through the learning content.

Identify key concepts and strategies related to the skill step. Choose to watch, listen or read.

Practise the skill step with a choice of interactive and offline activities.

Articulate your understanding of the skill step through written reflection or discussion with a mentor.