Staying Positive

The ability to use tactics and strategies to overcome setbacks and achieve goals.

What this skill covers

  • Keeping trying
  • Finding opportunities
  • Managing risks and rewards
  • Supporting others to stay positive

What is this skill about?

This skill is all about being equipped to manage your emotions effectively and being able to remain motivated, and ultimately to motivate others, even when facing setbacks.

The early steps focus on identifying emotions – particularly feeling positive or negative. Building off that is the ability to keep trying and then staying calm, thinking about what went wrong, and trying to cheer up and encourage others.

The focus then turns to identifying new opportunities in difficult situations, sharing those, and adapting or creating plans accordingly. At more advanced steps, it focuses on identifying and managing risks and gains in opportunities.

Finally, the focus becomes about supporting others to stay positive by managing your own response, helping others to see opportunities and create plans to achieve them.

Module Structure

Each step in this skill requires you to work through 3 stages.

  • Identify

    Read, watch and listen to the content.

  • Practise

    Show that you've understood the content by completing activities.

  • Articulate

    Reflect and discuss what you've learned.

Learn your own way

  • You don't need to learn the skill steps in order.

  • You can move back and forward between steps at anytime - you can even revisit them at a later date!

  • Don't want to do an exercise just yet? No problem - come back to it again later.