The use of imagination and the generation of new ideas.

What this skill covers

  • Imagining and generating ideas
  • Using creativity and developing ideas
  • Innovating effectively
  • Supporting others to innovate

What is this skill about?

Creativity is the complement to Problem Solving, and is about generating innovations or ideas which can then be honed through the problem-solving process.

The first few steps focus on your confidence in imagining different situations and sharing your ideas.

The focus is then on generating ideas – using a clear brief, making improvements to something that already exists and combining concepts.

It then focuses on applying creativity in the context of your work and your wider life. You can build off this to develop ideas using tools like mind mapping, questioning, and considering different perspectives.

The final steps focus on building effective innovation in group settings and by seeking out varied experiences and stimuli. Finally, it is about supporting others to innovate, by sharing tools, identifying the right tools for the situation and through coaching.

Module Structure

Each step in this skill requires you to work through 3 stages.

  • Identify

    Read, watch and listen to the content.

  • Practise

    Show that you've understood the content by completing activities.

  • Articulate

    Reflect and discuss what you've learned.

Learn your own way

  • You don't need to learn the skill steps in order.

  • You can move back and forward between steps at anytime - you can even revisit them at a later date!

  • Don't want to do an exercise just yet? No problem - come back to it again later.